Slendex UK anti cellulite product

One of the biggest problems for most women today is appearance of cellulite on different parts of their bodies.

The “orange peel” effect is something that can make you overly self-conscious, lose self-confidence and can even make you hide certain parts of your body just so that other people won’t see those cellulite prone areas. It definitely leaves you with the question “what if others see?”

The market of cellulite treatments is huge with large number of creams and gels; however majority of them plain simple don’t work. The reason is that those creams and gels can only target the surface of the skin, without actually going into deeper layers of skin, where cellulite is rooted.

What is Slendex mousse?

Slendex is a product that has been on the market since 2006; it is so called firming mousse with patented “crackle technology”.

It is called like this because it makes “crackling” and fizzing sounds when applied on the surface of your skin.

When used as instructed (in the morning and evening) Slendex is known to help you get rid of cellulite, leaving you with toned, firmed and overall great-looking silky skin.

Buy Slendex mousse for £34.90

Slendex main effects

  • Gives you toned, firmed and smooth skin
  • First results in just 14 days
  • No residue left behind
  • Your skin feels refreshed and smells great

How does it work?

Slendex mousse uses a combination of herbal ingredients (Red algae extract, Red pepper extract and Microalgae extract) that are delivered into deeper layers of your skin (as opposed to just staying on the surface of the skin). Leading UK pharmacists have carefully selected these ingredients over the years. These ingredients can target cellulite at its roots and eliminate it, with long lasting results.

Slendex appetite suppressant supplement

Besides the Slendex firming mousse, Slendex also includes an appetite suppressant in tablet form. These tablets can be a great addition to the regular Slendex mousse because they make you eat less and lose weight while you’re removing cellulite at the same time.

Appetite suppressant contains herbal mix of Glucomannan, Vitamins B2 and B12, Niacin, Copper and Iron. Main ingredient, Glucomannan, is known as great appetite suppressant and may also provided you with extra energy levels.

Any side effects with Slendex?

There are no reported side effects with Slendex so far. The ingredients are all herbal, not dangerous and not synthetic.

Where to purchase Slendex?

Official site of Slendex is probably the best place to buy this product from. As far as we know Slendex is not stocked in the usual stores like Tesco, ASDA, Boots and similar. The only way to buy it is via official website using some of the standard ordering methods (credit cards, checks, phone orders etc). Firming mousse will cost you £34.90 and both the mousse and appetite suppressant will cost you around £60. You also get 120-day money back guarantee.


Slendex is definitely top recommended product to all those who suffer from cellulite (80% – 95% of women do!). It’s a pretty straightforward product with innovative approach and mechanism of action. Unlike many inferior creams and gels, Slendex can really dig into deeper layers of your skin and eliminate cellulite for you. So it seems that we finally have a winner here.

Visit Slendex website for more information

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