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Kim Kardashian product review

Quick Trim has attracted a lot of attention lately and mainly because of the fact that Kim Kardashian, famous celebrity, is endorsing it.

Consumers are led to believe that Kim has used her own product in order to cleanse and lose weight. However, a closer look into Quick Trim reveals some rather interesting facts.

Contents of Quick Trim

  • 1 Kim Kardashian Cleanse
  • 10 meal replacement shakes (chocolate and vanilla flavours)
  • Recipe guidebook & meal plans

The way it works is that in first 2 days you’re supposed to use cleanser (4 times a day) and from days 3 to 7 you’re supposed to replace 2 of your daily meals with shakes. After a week the program is considered finished. However, if you want you can buy more shakes and use this product for as long as you want.

QuickTrim ingredients

We were not able to find out the exact ingredient list of QuickTrim. They only mention that there are small amounts of caffeine and lactose inside replacement shakes. This is obviously not enough to dieters.

Where to buy QuickTrim in UK?

It’s available exclusively at Rowlands Pharmacy and online via the EU website specially set up for selling in EU.

Special precautions with QuickTrim

In case you didn’t know, Quick Trim used to contain different supplements inside, one of which was diet pill full of caffeine and several other herbal ingredients (that were not proven for weight loss). Several unsatisfied customers in USA filed a $5-million lawsuit against Quick Trim because they were not getting the results they expected. Kim wasn’t shaken up with this development at all; she redesigned the product and went to UK to promote it even more. This lawsuit is definitely something to take into account when considering buying this product.

Priced at £39.99, Quick Trim Essential Kit will be good for 1 week. After that you will have to buy more meal replacement shakes (£24.99 for 14-shakes pack). This means spending more money than you initially planned.

The whole Quick Trim thing looks like one big money maker for the Kardashian sisters, just like anything else that comes from these celebrities. It is obvious that they are using their celebrity statuses in order to push their products and make a lot of money. That is our view on it.


Overall – nothing to be excited about and definitely not recommended supplement. We really doubt that you will lose any weight with Quick Trim. We advise all consumers to find out better and more serious weight management solutions out there.


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