Fibretrim weight loss drink review

“Lose 11lbs in just 45 days”

Regular dieters know that there are many (hundreds) of various weight loss products on the market. Majority of those products are weight loss pills, however only a few of them really work.

For those people who don’t like taking pills, the choice of weight loss products has been limited… Up until now. Let us tell you little bit more about Fibretrim.

What is Fibretrim?

Fibretrim is marketed as a weight loss drink that can “make you feel fuller, less hungry and therefore you’ll want to eat less (on average 200 calories less)”. Fibretrim tastes like a glass of orange and mango squash and it can represent great start of your day.

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Fibretrim ingredients

Fibretrim contains ingredients found in Zotrim diet pill (Yerba Mate, Damiana and Guarana) with the addition of Inulin.

Inulin is a dietary fiber and prebiotic. It actually helps your body maintain a healthy digestive system. People are advised to take 24 grams of dietary fibre every single day, but we usually don’t get as much fibre. Each Fibretrim serving that you drink will contain 5 grams of dietary fibre. This way you will be able to easily reach the daily requirement of dietary fibre in your diet.

Inulin was shown to increase satiety (feeling of fullness) and can result in losing weight. When you combine it with Zotrim diet pill, the results can be even greater than that.

Fibretrim medical research

In a study from 2009 where 48 subjects were given either Inulin or placebo pill, those who took Inulin lost on average 2.2 lbs over a period of 12 weeks. Those who took placebo pills gained on average 1 pound.

What benefits can you expect with Fibretrim?

  • Reduced hunger levels
  • Reduction in daily caloric intake
  • Increase in dietary fibre intake
  • Safe – No pills to take
  • Helps you maintain healthy digestive system
  • As effective as Zotrim diet pill
  • Same antioxidant properties as in Green Tea
  • No side effects reported

Where to buy Fibretrim?

You can buy Fibretrim only from their official website and nowhere else. At the moment it costs 24.95 GBP for a 20-satchet supply.

Is Fibretrim recommended?

If you’re looking for alternative to diet pills, then Fibretrim weight loss drink is a great choice. It’s natural, it tastes great, and it’s made from same proven ingredients of the all famous Zotrim diet pill.

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