Fenphedra UK review

Fenphedra supplement rather grandly claims to ‘balance the brain’ or the good and evil sides of the brain. They say that the good side is in direct opposition to the bad side with one helping the dieter to lose weight and the other stopping it.

When the good side of the brain is stimulated, it will increase insulin and help to burn off energy instead of storing it away for times of famine.

If not balanced, the bad side of the brain actively triggers comfort eating which, in turn, adds weight. So the idea is that one side of the brain is stimulated while the other is suppressed which should result in weight loss. Pretty unrealistic, don’t you think?

Fenphedra ingredients

There are many ingredients in this diet pill and some of them are:

DiCaffeine Malate – an upgrade of caffeine
Chocamine – cocoa and amino acids
Phenylethylamine – makes subjects feel good and stops nervousness
Synephrine HCL – a stimulant
Humulus Lupus – a calming ingredient which also helps sleeplessness

Fenphedra side effects

There are no side effects listed on the website and this raises a lot of red flags. Why would they not list them for the users to study? Some of the drugs used must indeed cause side effects so not putting them on the site must be a little cynical to say the least.

Keep in mind though that caffeine is known to cause anxiety, irritability, nervousness, insomnia and similar side effects. Also Synephrine (bitter orange extract) is known to cause certain cardiovascular complications in some patients (Wikipedia link).


This diet supplement can be found even on eBay but a reputable company would market its wares on other and more prestigious sites. They also use spam to market their goods and this is also suspect. The product may indeed work, but it seems they are hiding too many details from their clients. And the whole “good guy vs. bad guy” story sounds really funny to us. Why are manufacturers insulting the intelligence of their consumers?

Take this diet pill at your own risk.

Other supplements to consider

Capsiplex fat burner contains red pepper extract and can help you achieve diet-induced thermogenesis, a process where your body is able to burn fat, even if not exercising. When it appeared on the market in 2010, it made quite an impact across UK and worldwide.

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Proactol Plus can stop around 1/4 of the fat that you eat. It does this by attaching to certain part of your fat, forming a fluid gel around them, making them too large to be absorbed by your body. Those undigested fats then have to be eliminated naturally via bowel movements.

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