Capsiplex UK slimming pill review

Touted as the “pill that helps you to slim at your desk”, Capsiplex appeared on the UK market in 2010.

Created and distributed by Advanced Health, a Scottish based manufacturer, Capsiplex is considered one of the top recommended fat burners on many review sites on the Internet.

What sets apart Capsiplex from other diet pills?

  • Contains unique red pepper extract (Capsicum extract) that can help you achieve a diet-induced thermogenesis
  • Ability to reduce your caloric intake by 278 calories per day (equivalent to 25 minutes of jogging)
  • Capsiplex Plus – the improved version of regular Capsiplex; contains 5-HTP which improves mood, reduces depression and anxiety, improves sleep as well; all important factors while losing weight.
  • No nasty chemicals, meaning no side effects to surprise you

How does Capsiplex work?

The main ingredient of Capsiplex is called Capsicum extract, which really is red pepper extract. Over the past 30 years this ingredient has been researched and it was shown that it can be very effective weight loss aid, when consumed raw.

The problem for most people is consuming raw red peppers. They are hot and spicy and they can be irritable to the stomach lining. Also if you want to experience any weight loss effects of Capsicum, you would have to eat at least 10 grams of red peppers every single day for several months at least.

Manufacturers of Capsiplex have put red pepper extract inside their easy to swallow, “once a day” pills. Since Capsicum increases the rate at which the fat is burned, your body will be able to achieve a diet induced thermogenesis, a process where you will be able to burn fat even while sitting at your desk.

Capsiplex side effects

No side effects should be expected from Capsiplex. Also, the tablets have special outer coating around them, which means that your stomach won’t get irritated by the red pepper extract.

Where to buy Capsiplex?

The official website is to our knowledge the only place where you can buy Capsiplex from. It is not available in the usual high street stores like Boots, ASDA etc. Also if you find Capsiplex on auction sites like eBay, we suggest not buying from there, as you risk not getting the real Capsiplex and not getting the money back guarantee.

Is Capsiplex recommended?

Definitely – yes! Capsiplex still sells very well and over the time it earned a big respect from the dieters’ crowd. Recent addition of Capsiplex Plus (with 5-HTP) just adds to the credibility of this supplement. If you’re looking for highly effective fat burner, we suggest buying Capsiplex today.

Visit Capsiplex official site by clicking this link

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