Best diet pills 2015

There are literally hundreds of different weight loss supplements on the market. Going through all of them might be time consuming and simply impossible for most people.

That’s why we took the time and reviewed many weight loss supplements, hoping that we would find ones that we could recommend to our readers.

Majority of diet pills that you will see on the market are a scam or don’t work as advertised.

We went through hundreds of various diet pills and supplements and tried to gather as much data about each one as possible. We researched things like:

  • Manufacturers – how long they have been on the market
  • Ingredients of a diet pill – Pill shouldn’t have any dangerous ingredients in it; that is imperative
  • Money back guarantee – Good and credible weight loss pills usually come with long money back guarantee
  • Price – Keep in mind that good quality has good price. You don’t want to go for cheap diet pills, but at the same time we didn’t like those that were too expensive.
  • Customer support – We prefer if manufacturers have their support over phone; if that is not possible then we used email as means of communication.

Top rated diet pills

Proactol – herbal fat binder

Proactol is non-prescription herbal diet pill that came a long way since it was introduced to the market in 2007.

It works by binding to the fats that you eat, making them too big to be absorbed by your body. Those fats that were not digested will then be eliminated naturally out of your body.

Main ingredient inside Proactol is called NeOpuntia; it is extracted from the leaves of the nutritious cactus Opuntia Ficus Indica. NeOpuntia can stop around 27% of the fats from your diet.

More about Proactol | Official site

Capsiplex Plus – the chili diet pill

Capsiplex was introduced to the market in 2010 and the first batch was sold out in just 3 days.

This diet pill contains Red pepper extract (Capsicum extract), which has the ability to slightly increase the heat production of your body, which in turn causes a diet-induced thermogenesis, process where your body is able to burn fat even while not exercising.

Recently there was a new and updated version of Capsiplex, called Capsiplex Plus. This new version of Capsiplex contains 5-HTP, which increases levels of Serotonin in brain (a “feel good” neurotransmitter). So, not only you will lose weight, but you will also feel good while doing it.

More about Capsiplex | Official site

Phen375 – synthetic fat burner

At the end of the list, Phen375 represents the most potent diet pill we can recommend – fully synthetic fat burner that can offer weight loss rate of 2-4 lbs per week. All the ingredients inside Phen375 are synthetic and manufactured in an FDA regulated lab.

Many people call Phen375 “the best legal alternative to Phentermine”, and not without a good reason. You can buy Phen375 online and without prescription. Also make sure to check out some of their great testimonials with photos on the official site.

More about Phen375 | Official site

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