Alli diet pill

Approved by the FDA, Alli helps people to lose 50% more weight than if they were just dieting alone. It must be used correctly of course and to this end, a rather bulky book comes along with the capsules.

What it does

Alli latches on to the enzymes that usually break down the fat in the diet. This means that the body cannot absorb the fat so it passes right through. Alli does this to around 25% percent of the fat that is eaten.

Where to buy Alli

Because it has been approved, it is available over the counter. It is similar to Xenical but is in a lower dose. Since it only attaches to the fat in the diet, it does nothing to the brain or heart rate as other diet pills do.

Possible side effects of Alli

Since the fat will not be absorbed into the body, users have noticed that they pass more gas, stools and oily discharge. If they are careful about what they eat, this is cut down somewhat. However, if people still eat exactly what they want without any thought to diet, the effect of taking Alli will be somewhat muted.


This capsule does work to some degree as long as the regime is followed. It is on the expensive side and there is another fat binder, Proactol, which binds 28% fat instead of Alli’s 25%. Because Proactol is natural (Alli has synthetic ingredients), people could find Proactol more appealing.

What is Proactol?

Rated as the best fat binder by many review websites, Proactol can stop about 28% of the fats in your diet. It does this by attaching to the fats and making them too big to be absorbed by your body. This way part of the fats from your diet will go through your system without actually being broken down.

Read more about Proactol here

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