Accuslim diet pill review

Accuslim is one of the many newer weight loss diet pills on the market these days. This one though, in the words on its own website, is the ‘super sexy diet pill’ whatever that means. It doesn’t make outlandish claims of severe weight loss in short periods, just one or two pounds a week, which is a plus point for sure.

The site also recommends a healthy diet and exercise regime. This is reassuring in that it recommends something that we all know to be true and is actually saying that dieters can do it on their own if they want to.

Accuslim ingredients

One of the key ingredients is Citrus Aurantium which compares favorably to ephedra, the one with bad side effects that everyone shies away from. What it does is to lift energy levels so that fat will be burned off easier. Although they state that this ingredient is ‘new’ this is not strictly true. Indeed, it is to be found in a host of diet pills.

Other ingredients include:

– Chromium Chelavite
– Vanadium
– Rhodiola Rosea
– Garcinia Cambogia
– Green Tea Leaf
– Oriental Ginseng
– American Ginseng
– Eleuthero

Within this group there are stimulants with caffeine being a prime example. These are detrimental to some people and, as the user is given the choice of taking between 1 and 3 capsules before meals, it is easy to see that this pill could be abused quite easily. Even on a minimum dose of 3 per day, users could feel anxious, nervous, irritable, nausea, rapid heartbeat etc and all the symptoms that come with too much caffeine.


Since there are no clinical trials backing up the claims on the website, and since they are claiming ‘new’ ingredients which are not, it would seem that the claims are just hype. Not recommended at all.

Accuslim alternative

Proactol Plus can stop around 27% of the fats that you eat and prevent them from being digested by your body. How does it do this?

Proactol contains clinically proven herbal compound called NeOpuntia that can successfully bind to certain part of your fat intake, forming a fluid gel that will be too big to be absorbed by your body and must be eliminated naturally.

More about Proactol Plus here

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